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 Want to Learn Calligraphy?

I'd love to get you started on that journey!

These online courses are designed for those who value clear instruction and are keen to learn techniques taught by the Master Penmen of ages past.  Through these courses we'll train your eye as well as the hand. And a trained eye is a tool that will carry you far into your calligraphy exploration!

Stay tuned because we'll have offerings for both beginners and more advanced penmen. 

Let's go!



The In-Person Workshop is Back!!!!!


I am so delighted to once again be able to offer one of my favorite (and most requested) person! Hosted at the award winning Orenda Winery in Carnation Washington, this class is the perfect setting to embrace the holiday spirit and kickstart your calligraphy learning journey. 

Friday, December 9th 2022 6:00pm-8:00pm