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 Want to Learn Calligraphy?

I'd love to get you started on that journey!

These online courses are designed for those who value clear instruction and are keen to learn techniques taught by the Master Penmen of ages past.  Through these courses we'll train your eye as well as the hand. And a trained eye is a tool that will carry you far into your calligraphy exploration!

Stay tuned because we'll have offerings for both beginners and more advanced penmen. 

Let's go!



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Copperplate Deconstructed 
an intro to calligraphy super course

Update: We're hard at work behind the scenes to have this course available in early 2023. Thanks for your patience! 

Learn the art and science of creating classic Copperplate Calligraphy in this comprehensive course. We’ll cover everything needed to get started with pointed pen calligraphy with confidence. As we walk through each pen stroke, I’ll showcase techniques that help beginners and experienced calligraphers alike learn what makes for a truly elegant (and accurate) rendering of this timeless pointed pen classic. 

stay tuned for more....

We will be adding to our online offerings, specifically for those looking to adventure beyond the basics. 

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