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How To Write A Good Funding Application

5 Tips for Writing a Successful Funding Application. 1. Get Visible – The Sooner, the Better! It’s a good idea to start building up your profile within academia early on. Make use of all the resources available to you to showcase yourself, your.

  • Your application may require you to attach a short form CV or resumé for all those individuals involved in the project. Budget carefully and provide value for money Your application should be presented as good value for money to the funding body. All aspects of the project should be budgeted for.

  • Address the letter appropriately – From your research, you know who you are writing to. Make sure to mention them by their official title and name. Avoid using ‘to whom it may concern’ as this may come off as impersonal. Capture the.

  • 4. Start early! Don’t leave writing till just before the deadline. When you have decided on applying for a particular funding scheme, start writing up a draft of the application as early as you can. By all means reserve 2 weeks just before the deadline to polish the application, but don’t think you can write the entire application in that time.

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