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Envelope Resources for Everyday Mail

In a previous envelope addressing post, I shared a number of tools that are great for large, professional envelope jobs. But the mail I enjoy creating the MOST are the one-off, "just because I'm thinking of you" cards and envelopes. So, today's post goes out to those of you who aren't addressing hundreds of envelopes in a single sitting but rather those who would love to send thoughtful letters in a beautifully presented envelope. Below I share some of my favorite resources for sourcing beautiful, calligraphy friendly envelopes, vintage stamps, and other add-ons sure to delight the recipient of your postal art. So without further ado, here are some of my favorites.


Paper Source: These are an easy win when it comes to a plethora of gorgeous colors, a great range of sizes, and all on quality card stock that's great to write upon. Their Luxe Blush is the most perfect of all blush envelopes in my opinion.

Calligraphers Dream in Navy

Calligrapher's Dream Envelopes by Fox and Quills. These envelopes are aptly named because they are an absolute dream to write upon! They are buttery soft, vibrant in color, and I've even found them to be more friendly than most when it comes to needing to correct an ink error. One caveat, however, is that these are not as ideal of fountain pen users as the buttery coating might repel some thinner fountain pen inks.

Amazon: 'Tis true - some of my favorite styles I found on Amazon (contains affiliate links)

  • THESE black envelopes with gold trim are about as classy as envelopes can be. The same style comes in an incredible green, and rich burgundy as well. I'm smitten!

  • Vellum Envelopes: I've used these semi-transparent envelopes on a number of occasions and love that they are a bit unexpected and extra fun.

  • Mini Envelopes: These tiny ~ 4"x3" envelopes are enjoyable to have on hand for little random things like tooth fairy notes, valentines, gift card enclosures, or just fun little notes for a child's lunchbox.

Other: I love a beautiful handmade paper envelope. However, most handmade papers can be a nightmare to write on, especially for pointed pen calligraphy. I've found success with these brands: ARPA and Indian Cotton Paper.


I've been a bit of a stamp fan since I was young when I learned how to steam stamps off letters we received in the mail. Thankfully there are many better options for finding great postage to adorn your letters, here some of my go-tos:

  • USPS: Goes without saying as it is the most cost effective way to attain postage if you can buy it a face value. If they create a forever stamp design that I particularly LOVE such as the vintage inspired "Classics Forever" president stamps, then I buy a bulk lot knowing I will use them over the years.

  • Ebay: If there's a particular stamp I'm looking to hunt down, Ebay is usually my first place to search. I try to find out the "Scott number" that is associated with that stamp and will search ebay to find a lot at a decent price. This is usually how I source the vintage Christmas stamps I like to use on our family holiday cards. Here's an ebay search for the Classics Forever Stamps mentioned above.

  • Special Suppliers: I don't use these often, but they can come in handy on occasion: Currated shops like Flourish Fine Writing (also on Etsy) or Bulk Supply shops like Champion Stamp. Another option is to visit a rare coin shop as some carry vintage stamps they may sell closer to face value than curated shops.


Wax Seals are a wonderful way to add that extra special touch to an envelope. But, we careful in your use of them. Too bulky of a seal may cause the letter to get jammed in postal machines. And seals made with brittle wax may simply crack and break off before they arrive at their destination, leaving only a smear of color as evidence they were once there.

I prefer to use wax that fits into a mini glue gun. Contrary to wax sticks with a wick, glue gun wax doesn't put off a terrible black smoke, doesn't land in fiery bits on the page, and is very easy to control exactly where the wax lands on the paper. I purchase wax and sealing stamps from:

Letter Seals - they have a special category of glue gun "mailable" wax that is extra pliable that holds up better in the post.

Nostalgic Impressions - In addition to their pre-made designs, they can also create a custom wax seal design just for you!

Artisaire - A special offering they provide is pre-made wax seals that have a sticker on the back, ready to be easily attached to any envelope.

Alright, I hope that gives you some inspiration to add a little something extra to your envelopes. But remember, the BEST adornment to your envelope, in my opinion, is going to be your beautiful handwritten script written in whatever lovely ink color you choose! So have fun and explore! I'll leave you with a few "extra fun" envelopes I've created over the years:


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