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Tea with Peter Rabbit

One of the features that makes the English Lake District particularly breathtaking is its natural, rugged beauty. Slate hillsides crash into luscious green valleys. Sheep wander carelessly along fern covered way sides. And every stone cottage looks as though it must have a warm fire burning and a cup of tea waiting for you to come and join.

One afternoon after a particularly demoralizing day submitting the Langdale Pikes (long story short: I just about met my end after 8hrs, 3 peaks, and 2 pairs of soggy shoes......), I decided to pass up on the opportunity to scramble up another local peak. Instead, I connected with my love for wild foraging and went about plucking blackberries, ferns, and other local flora to create a scene the hardy hikers would appreciate upon their return: a Beatrix Potter inspired tea party.

Now, before anyone huffs and puffs about tea parties being a thing for pinkie poking pansies - the kind of thing true hikers would scoff at, let me remind you this was England. The kettle never went cold there, and the five of us easily finished a box of PG Tips in a week's time. Tea is strength, vigor, comfort, and warmth, all in one lovely cup. So, yes, it's a hiker's beverage of choice in these parts. So off I set to create the scene.

The true inspiration for this tablescape was the local slate mines. Every cottage, wall, roof, barn, store, you name it, is made from this gorgeous local slate. And, it just so happened that the cottage where we were staying was conveniently close to one of the slag heaps (aka. mounds of pieces too small to be of commercial use). Walking through the slate I knew those gorgeous rugged slabs were just BEGGING to be calligraphed upon!! And calligraphy I did...and I may have carried a small supply (*cough* extra suitcase *cough*) home for future use.

With natural beauty as my companion, we created a lovely scene for the wind-swept hikers to return to. I hope you've enjoy these scenes as much as Peter and I enjoyed creating them. Now, off to brew another pot...


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