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Fabulous Flourishing

In today's online class for the Montblanc Inspire Writing Community we talked about one of my favorite elements of calligraphy: Flourishing! In class I provided a sample exemplar for a simply flourished capitals letters. But for those who are in for the challenge and are wanting to really GO BIG with their flourishes, I wanted to provide another exemplar that doesn't hold back when it comes to flourishes!

Click HERE to download the full exemplar for the extra-flourished capitals

Tracing example for Copperplate Script
Basic Flourished Copperplate Capitals

Traceable Flourished Calligraphy Download
Extra Flourished Copperplate Capitals

I'd love to see what you create with these letters! Feel free to tag me on social media @bespokestrokes so I can see what you create and cheer you on!


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