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Envelope Addressing Tools for Large Jobs

When it comes to wedding or special event calligraphy, envelopes are often a calligrapher’s bread and butter. When you’re pouring your heart (and hand muscles) into several hundred envelopes, having great tools makes all the difference. Here are the tools I recommend for calligraphy envelope addressing that help make the job run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible - because you KNOW a lot of effort goes into these special stationery jewels.


  1. Slider Writer: no longer manufactured, but if you can find a used one or a friend to sell you one, BUY IT! Seriously, set up an ebay notification on this item. It is my favorite tool.

  2. We R Memory Keepers Laser Square, $55 on Amazon

  3. Black +Decker BDL220S Laser Level, $15 on Amazon (uses AA batteries). Avoid lasers like the model pictured here that require small watch batteries. It gets expensive fast to be replacing the batteries all the time.


  1. Artograph Lightpad A950 LED, this has been my workhorse and I love it! It comes in various sizes, prices range from $90-$322 on Amazon depending on the size. I have a large 17”x24” that I use a lot for wedding vow orders.

  2. Huion LED Ultra-thin Lightboard, ~$40 on Amazon. Surprisingly fantastic for the price point! Very lightweight and has a great dimmable light feature.


  1. Large Phantom Liner: $35 from Paper and Ink Arts

  2. Small Phantom Liner: $24 from Paper and Ink Arts. For Seattlites, our local store Paper Delights in Wallingford also carries these in stock at times.


I loooooove these rulers and use them in several sizes: The 6 inches is helpful for envelopes and I use the 12 inch and 18 inch sizes for other projects daily.


  1. Print Gocco drying racks by RISO I bought from and you can sometimes find on ebay or etsy.

  2. Wooden Drying Racks: or (both $15)

  3. Etsy has lots of options as well


  1. Industrial Chemistry Lab stirrers: o Topolino Magnetic Stirrer ($88) from John Neal Bookseller o SpeedStir Magnetic Ink Stirrer from Paper and Ink Arts ($43)

  2. Ink Me This, Calligraphy Ink Stirrer ($98). I've used this stirrer for several years now and have found it to be wonderful! It runs off a power cord so it does need to plug in, but I found that it works much more reliably than my soap stirrer model (below).

  3. Luis Creations Soap Magnetic Stirrer ($98), sold by John Neal Bookseller. Disclaimer: I purchased this stirrer back in 2017 and didn't have a great experience with it so I can't personally recommend it. To be fair, I believe others have had success with it and and I know Luis takes his creations seriously so I wouldn't be surprised if his model has been updated and improved since the time I purchased mine.

Guide Sheets

I tend to make my own guide sheets, but if you find it helpful to have pre-made sheets, here are a few I can recommend:

This list is far from exhaustive, and I will likely come back to add a few more things as they come to mind. But, I hope this helps in your letter-loving journey!


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